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Useful Links, Help and Advice

Useful Links, Help and Advice

Please find information below to help support you should you be experiencing any difficulties.

Braford Youth Services

 Child to Parent Abuse



Family Lives - Although a certain level of anger and frustration is common from teenagers, it is not acceptable for your teenager to use aggression, threats or become violent towards you.

Rise - any behaviour used by a child or young person to control, dominate or coerce parents, and is more common than you might imagine.

West Yorkshire Police - before you see RED talk to someone instead.

Who's In Charge - Help and Support for parents experiencing child to parent violence and abuse? - 





West Yorkshire Police

                              Any child could be exploited by criminals .

"Any child could be exploited by criminals" (child criminal exploitation campaign). Organised crime groups could see a young person as someone who can be easily manipulated or intimidated into doing what they want and this can lead to child criminal exploitation. Find out more, and know the signs to look out for.

Young People's Drug & Alcohol Services