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Financial Information

Financial Information

Summer School Report

Summer School Report

We were delighted to hold an incredible Summer School that took place throughout the week 23rd to 27th August. Over the 5 days Attendance was fantastic and most students attended for the full experience, however we did accommodate small number of partial attendees. We had approximately 170 students attend the action-packed days of Summer School.

We used the funding to help students experience a wide range of educational and enrichment activities. was for students to learn new skills and to help alleviate any concerns they may have had for September and to make new friends, meet teaching staff, and familiarise himself with the building.
The camp ran from 8:30am for students to be able to access a breakfast and socialise before the activities began at 9:00am. We provided a small snack and juice during breakfast, along with a morning break and lunch was also provided.  We finished the day at 3:00pm.

There were a wide variety of activities scheduled for the week, including forest school, arts and crafts, sports, and drama. Students were assigned a group and they rotated around the activities with a classroom base for registration and classroom-based activities. Each class was led by a member of staff and two sixth form students who stayed with the group for the entire time. The sixth form students had a t-shirt made with their name in to enable them to be easily identified and to enable students to get to know the sixth formers and help with settling. It is intended that the sixth formers will continue with a mentoring programme in September with the students they were attached to.

We had an exciting day, outside, competing in a range of problem-solving activities with a company called Wise Up.

Students had an amazing time and parents rated the summer school as a significant success.



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Pay Report

The school is required to publish on its website, in a separate readily accessible form, the number of employees whose pay benefits exceed £100,000 in £10,000 bandings. Pay benefits for this purpose include salary, employer pension contributions and other taxable benefits.

We currently have no staff who meet this criteria.  (this page will be updated as soon as this information changes)