Parkside School

Special Education Needs and Disabilities Provision (SEND)

Special Education Needs and Disabilities Provision (SEND)

Parkside School recognises that special educational needs are not a synonym for low ability or that pupils with special educational needs are homogenous. We value all pupils and celebrate diversity of experience, interest and achievement.

Our positive, proactive and graduated actions to support a pupil with special educational needs are underpinned by:

 A high challenge, high support environment. We make no excuses for our pupils whilst working as a team to remove barriers to attendance and attainment so that they achieve excellence

 Equity. At Parkside School, every teacher is a teacher of SEND. We provide a level playing field where pupils with special educational needs have access to the same opportunities as their peers.

Where a pupil’s SEND diagnosis means that we need to take any one of a range of actions (that might include some of: adapting the curriculum; teaching in a different setting; supporting in and outside of the classroom: and seeking professional advice about the best way forwards), we would not allow this to reduce our aspirations that the pupil can be successful at Parkside, and in the world of adulthood beyond life at school.

SEND Leadership Team
  • Joanne Rosbrook, Assistant Headteacher 
  • Gemma O'Meara, Deputy SENCo 
  • Emma Mander, Deputy SENCo 
  • Amanda Sheard, SEND Administrator 
The team can be contacted via inclusion@parksideschool.net. If you are a parent/carer, you can also complete the relevant contact form below. Please allow 5 working days for a response to your query.

Parkside’s Resourced Provision has 12 commissioned places and is currently oversubscribed

  • Parents and carers may make a preference for Parkside Resourced Provision. We would encourage you to visit our Resourced Provision, meet with our SENCO and staff to provide a deeper understanding of how this provisions runs.
  • If Parents and Carers wish for the Local Authority to place a consultation to the Resourced Provision then they must request this through the Local Authority.
  • By placing a consultation for our Resourced Provision it does not guarantee a placement. Placement will be the decision of the Local Authority who will provide the outcome of that decision.