Parkside School

School Mission & Values

School Mission & Values

Our vision for Parkside School and therefore our aim as a leadership team, governing body and staff is that Parkside School should visibly and substantively impact on the community it is embedded within. This impact should be important, meaningful and considerable. This means young people from Parkside should develop into well-rounded young people who know how to keep themselves safe. They should be students who have a personal and specific hope for the future which they can articulate, believe in and share with others; students who can empathise, critique, protect, love, inspire, make, design, explore and understand; students who are willing to try things they have never done before, do things they don’t want to do and be willing to reinvent themselves to become the best that they can be. We will achieve this through:

· Excellent personal development

· Excellent partnerships for learning

· Excellent achievement

· Excellent preparation for the future

and through the shared values of courage, well-being focus and resilience. We are what we repeatedly do; excellence therefore is not an act but a habit.


Critical Success Factors

1) We must secure and promote an ethos that recognises and rewards the achievements of all of our pupils and one that is based on strong and effective relationships

2) We must continuously improve academic results to a level recognised as excellent by staff, pupils, parents/carers the local community

3) We must have staff who are healthy, well-motivated and effective

4) We must have a high-quality standard of teaching in a pleasant, healthy safe and stimulating learning environment

5) We must secure the funding needed to develop the best human, technological and physical resources

6) We must ensure that the community recognises and values the school’s quality and high standards

7) We must have a curriculum that meets the academic, vocational, personal, well-being and social needs of all of our pupils

8) We must continually evaluate progress and ensure that planning and target setting secure school improvement

9) We must create an organisation that effectively promotes personal and community improvement

10) We must develop young people who are agents of change and who are taught about the challenges facing our world, their causes and how they can influence these for the better


The Whole School Priorities for 2021/2022:

  • restorative and relational practice
  • meeting the needs of learners
  • parents as partners

School Improvement Plan Mission & Values