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HPV Vaccinations

HPV Vaccinations

Please see below a message from our Immunisation Nurses

Uptake for routine vaccinations is at an all-time low, currently for HPV 21/22 Year 8 cohort we have a 54% uptake and Teenager booster (which consists of 2 vaccinations DTP and MEN ACWY) 21/22 Year 9 cohort we have a 47% uptake. 

Our aim is to increase the uptake to above 70% as this is the uptake level that we usually see which is required to protect our communities.  As we go into a new academic year 22/23, we want to provide information to families and young people regarding their upcoming vaccinations to educate and reassure on the importance of being protected against these diseases.

Shortly we will be sending requests for consent to Year 7 for them to receive their 1st HPV vaccination in September when they move into Year 8.  Due to covid and demands on school, we have been unable to deliver health promotion in our usual format.  However, we have a short video and a presentation on our webpage which we are asking that you kindly show your young people in preparation for their upcoming HPV Vaccination.


Video School Immunisation team - Bradford - Better Lives Healthy Futures (betterliveshealthyfuturesbw.nhs.uk) Public Health video under HPV.

PowerPoint presentation Access our webpage as above, at the bottom of the page you can access the resources to prepare your Year 7’s please click the HPV vaccination in green to access a short power point.