Parkside School

Cyber Attack!

Cyber Attack for Year 8s!

During the lesson they learned about cyber security. They were given a tablet to play Flappy Birds on and had to agree terms and conditions to play. By agreeing and not paying attention ore reading the small print, what they in fact agreed to was access to the camera and microphone, The program ran on the whiteboard at the front however they didn't take any notice. They also did not check the URL. As a result, pictures were taken, and audio recorded without them being aware.

After playing the game, they found out what was running in the background and were quite surprised. They were then introduced to a website where they had to find hidden elements, including secret messages in recordings and hidden web links. The students gained an excellent insight into the world of cyber security.

We are communicating with Cyber First to see if we can run an enrichment club next year.