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A Level Law

What are we studying?

Students will study three main areas of law:  Criminal Law, Tort Law (Civil), and Human Rights.  In addition the Nature of Law and the English Legal System is a golden thread that runs throughout the curriculum and is on all three exam papers.  Students will gain an insight into the inner workings of laws, how they are made and enforced, and the impact they have on citizens.  Students will also gain practical skills in research, forming logical arguments and communication skills.  It is a challenging, but ultimately interesting and rewarding course. 

How are we assessed?

Students are assessed with three 2 hour exams, one in each area of Law studied, and these all take place at the end of year 13.

What can parents do to help?

Parents can help by buying their children newspapers or encouraging students to watch the news so that students can keep up to date with a range of real world issues that are often linked to legal cases and legal issues that are being studied. They can also discuss homework with their children and ask their children to explain some of the complex ideas and frameworks that the law is built upon.

Where can this subject take you? Career opportunities

Law can take you into a variety of careers including working as solicitor, barrister, legal executive or paralegal.   It is also useful in a range of other industries such as Personal Representation and in-house law teams for a huge range of businesses.   Other careers include the police, probation, social services and local government.  The communication, research and written skills are transferable skills to any profession.


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