Parkside School

House System

House System

The house system is a student led and student focused aspect of life at Parkside School. It provides opportunities for students to develop their personal qualities through leadership and participating in a whole range of house activities, events and becoming involved community projects.

The house system comprises of three houses that run across all year groups. Inter house competitions are run in faculties and encompass school life.



       Bronte House                          Hockney House                          Salt House

 To find out further information on the background of the house names click on the images above.


The house system continues to grow at Parkside School. In January 2021 we appointed three staff head of houses and also introduced a Senior Student Leadership team. (See staff and student profiles below).

Students represent their house as individuals and as a tutor group. There are numerous student leadership roles within a house. 



      Head of Bronte                       Head of Hockney                      Head of Salt