Parkside School

Headteacher's Welcome

Headteacher's Welcome


Welcome to Parkside School where we are proud of our track record of enabling young people to achieve success and we are proud of being a fully inclusive school supporting students with a range of special educational needs.

Parkside School is based in the village of Cullingworth on the edge of Bradford where we are a part of the local community. It is therefore important that we impact visibly and substantively on that community helping every member of our school, both students and staff, become the best that they can be. Excellent partnerships for learning are key to our success.

Our students work hard, behave with consideration and show respect for others. We offer an exciting curriculum, personalised to meet the needs of individual students and we augment this with an ever-growing range of extra curriculum activities and opportunities. In addition, our Aspire-2B programme is a nationally acclaimed programme (National runners up and outstanding school of the North of England) that develops our students to become global citizens ready to embrace the 21st century. The Leeds City Region is a city region in the North of England comprising Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees, Leeds and Wakefield. The Leeds City Region is vibrant, exciting and diverse with a rich history that cuts across industry, commerce, culture and style. We not only need to prepare young people for working in the capital of the north and its surrounding area but in industries that are only just developing and in roles that currently do not exist. Research in the Journal of Education suggests that better informed teenagers are likely to make more advantageous careers choices and this in turn can be linked to higher earnings in adult life and that is why excellent preparation for the future is part of our mission statement.

I have been a science teacher for over 20 years and a senior leader for more than 15 years, working in multicultural and diverse schools across both Leeds and Bradford. As headteacher I have an absolute passion and commitment to inclusive education as a way of improving the life chances of young people and their families. I believe that this is done through delivering the highest quality teaching and learning, whilst developing the whole young person in terms of their character, skills and ability to show resilience to the ever changing and challenging world around them. Excellent personal development in central to this.

Katharine Needham