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Home Learning

Home Learning

Home learning is one strategy that supports our students in becoming more independent, resilient and courageous learners to support excellent achievement, excellent preparation for the future and further develop excellent partnerships for learning with parents and carers.


All students are expected to work at home, and parents are asked to ensure their child completes the required home learning since it forms an integral part of the learning experience.

Home learning can involve different sorts of activities. You might be asked to:

  • research a topic and find new information.
  • complete a task which gives you the opportunity to practise skills you learnt in your lesson
  • present your learning in a different form
  • learn or rehearse new ideas or words
  • revise for a test.

Your teacher will make sure that you understand any home learning tasks but, if you are unsure about a task, always ask your teacher for help. 

Home Learning Student and Parental Expectations September 2021