Parkside School

Cashless Catering

Cashless Catering

Cashless Catering System (School Dinners)

Parkside school operates a Cashless Catering System operated by Nationwide Retail Systems. Payment to your child's account can be made in cash/cheque (payable to Parkside) or via ParentMail's +Pay system, once your email account is registered with the school, at the start of the new school year in September.

Benefits of the Trust-e Cashless Catering System

  • Increased speed of service reducing queuing times
  • Increased uptake on Free School Meals
  • Anonymity on Free School Meals reducing bullying
  • Facility to pay On-Line
  • No need to carry cash preventing loss/theft
  • Automatic alerts to stop pupils purchasing allergy trigger items
  • Students learn about important lifestyle control by monitoring their own accounts
  • Reporting facilities help decrease wastage and improve the overall efficiency of the meal service

Technical Biometric Information (finger or thumb print)

The individual templates are encrypted using a 256 bit AES key that is built into the scanners hardware. Also the persisted file is encrypted using a different 256 bit AES key built into the matching algorithm supplied by Secugen and generated by a unique license purchased for each site. This is more secure than the ANSII and ISO standards that government department use as the Secugen Template is encrypted and the ANSII and ISO standards are not. The template data is useless and cannot be interpreted back into a usable fingerprint image. If this was not the case then there would be no world standards and performance measures for such technologies. The data is stored in an array in the RAM of the Biometric Controller and is persisted onto the hard drive of the Bio Controller to be restored in the event of a reboot.

Below is an example of a template code for an individual finger.




The solution is secure because the matching can only be done by the individual’s consent as the finger has to be presented to the device for matching. We do not hold images of fingerprints in our system.

The technology provided for this method of identification meets with BECTA guidelines and has the facility for students to opt out of the scheme and use a PIN number instead.

Also under the data protection act the school or caterer (the originator of the data) cannot allow access by anyone to this data for any other means than for the purpose the data was collected and that is to identify an individual within the solution we supply. Any biometric data that belongs to an individual that leaves the school is purged which also is in line with the BECTA guidelines.

If you do not wish your child to use this system, please contact the school.


 Example school menus are attached below: